Marius was born in late July, 1990 and grew up in a small city on the Baltic sea, called Klaipeda. The city is based on the west coast of Lithuania.
His passion took him to Denmark where he studied Design. After Denmark he moved to London, to pursue his dreams. London is the city where he became interested in photography and now 7 years later he is established professional photographer.

His background in design has been a great influence on how he sees photography today. Marius is very passionate about creating every image to the smallest detail.

Recently he opened his own photography studio and his future plan is to gather many different creatives under one roof so they can help each other to grow and provide high quality service to the clients.

Marius specialises in:

– Portraits

– Headshots

– Editorials

– Commercials

– Ecommerce

– Events

– Food and beverage

Within 7 years spent in photography industry and working for international clients – Marius managed to travel around most of the Europe and some parts of United States of America.